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It was beautiful on my drive into work this morning.

The clouds in the sky had the appearance of a bag of cotton balls spilled out over a cool blue countertop. Overhead there was a mass of solid billowy whiteness, with individual clouds spilling out of it in front, and the clear blue of the countertop stretching out in front of that. It looked like you should be able to take your hand and sweep up all of the clouds and stuff them back into the bag from which they'd spilled.

As I drove past the Ferris Wheel, the Carney was waiting patiently while some people exited his ride, stepping off and looking around with the curious look of, "What? Is the ride over already? I thought I'd get longer!" on their faces. In his left hand, for no apparent reason, he held an open bag of cotton balls. While he watched his riders disembark, the balls fell from the bag one by one, and the wind picked them up and sent them bouncing along on the air into the distance.
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Today on the drive into work, actual rain clouds were overhead. They were mocking me. My lawn is already dead, and there is nothing that I can do about it. I saw one cloud form into the shape of a large wide grin, like a Cheshire cat in the sky.

I scowled back at the grinning cloud. I know sarcasm when I see it.
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Today at the stoplight, I refused to make eye contact with the Grim Reaper over what he has done to my lawn during this drought. Thinking of all those innocent blades of grass taken before their time is just too much for me to bear, especially since the weeds are still alive and well.

The only cloud in the sky was over the hydroelectric plant that I drove past. As the temperature climbed to 100 degrees, I was delighted that the cloud rising from the plant looked like a 20 story double scooped ice cream cone (of the waffle cone variety). Vanilla. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
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Sitting at the stoplight today, I noticed the fluffy white clouds were gearing up for some mischief They were bouncing off of each other, like pinballs in the sky. I watched this with one eye as I waited for the light to change. Suddenly, one of the fluffy white clouds hit what looked like a trapdoor in a large cumulous. It disappeared for an instant, then burst from the larger cloud and shot across the sky, bouncing off of other clouds left and right. Sheet lighting began to flash and birds flew in all directions in a frenzy of activity. I guess God scored. As usual, no one else was paying attention to this except me.
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Today at the red light, I noticed the clouds were low and gray and oppressive. They struck me as mean and angry clouds.

If a cloud could lower itself to the ground, swallow you whole, digest you and leave just your hair, bones, and the man-made fibers of your clothes in a pile (like an owl pellet, except that you are the mouse), these were the type of clouds that would do that.

I kept an eye on them the whole drive into work, and stayed away from the parts of the road where they seemed a little closer to the ground.

I'm here typing this now, so they didn't get me.

In case anyone was worried.
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Today at the red light, I was trying to fix my hair in the rear view mirror when I noticed that the clouds were trying to spell out a message. Very unusual. It said, "S.O.S."

I would have been more concerned if I thought you could believe anything that a cloud has to tell you, but this has not been my experience with them. So when the light changed I just drove on. Besides, if I called 911 and told them that the clouds over SH 249 were in trouble, who would believe me?
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Today is 05/05/05. Weird things are bound to happen on any day with a date like this.

The bunny clouds got even today. I saw them gathered around a bobcat-looking cloud, more than a dozen bunny-shaped clouds with their ears folded back flat over their bunny heads. Obviously, the bunny clouds were angry. I couldn't blame them, having witnessed what happened to the cloud yesterday. Where I was on the ground, stuck at a traffic light, other drivers were putting on makeup, talking on cell phones and smoking cigarettes. No one noticed the battle in the clouds except me.

That doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

A gust of wind empowed the bunnies in the sky to jump on the bobcat-shaped cloud, all at once. The clouds, for a moment, all looked like one large cloud, quivering and shaking. Then, another gust of wind blew them apart, sending the the bunny clouds running across the sky to the north. All that was left of th bobcat cloud were dozens of little cloudlets, like cotton balls dotting the sky.

I will take this as a sign. I've decided to make a point of being kind to small furry animals. I don't think they are going to take any crap any more.

Good for the bunnies.
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Sitting in a traffic snarl caused by a downed traffic light (how does that happen?), I notice that the clouds in the sky above me were hunting each other down.

A cloud that looked like a bobcat was chasing a cloud that looked like a bunny rabbit. As I am want to do, I rooted for the bunny cloud because bunnies are cute. Cute, like me, and they are subject to being hunted down and consumed, like me. But I still could not help but feel a thrill when the bobcat cloud overtook the bunny cloud and swallowed it whole.

Afterward, the bobcat cloud floated off, happy and satisfied.


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