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I'm finishing up my cards tonight. Anyone else want one? Comments are screened.
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I've been gone awhile. Nothing personal to you all, I just haven't slept that much in the last year and writing takes energy that I haven't had.

Still, I'm sending out Christmas cards this weekend. If you're thinking, "Gee, isn't it a little late?" then you really don't know me that well.

If anyone misses me and wants a card (with my bitch-and-moan newsletter), leave me your address below. It may not show up before Christmas, but when you get a card in the mail a week after the big day, that's how you know it's from me. :)

Comments are screened for your privacy and protection.
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This is a second call for addresses, if anyone wants a Christmas card. Overseas? Not a problem. We barely communicate? I don't care. This is about me sending out mail and you getting some. It's fun. Anyone can play.

If you want one, let me know. It's cool. I don't promise it will arrive by Christmas; I'm old school, and don't consider the whole Yuletide thing to be done until 12th night (Jan 6th). You should have the card by Jan 6th. Or 7th. Or 17th. You should have it by February, at the latest.

March if you're overseas.

Comments screened, so where you live is a secret from everyone but me.
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Yeah, I send 'em. I like sending 'em. Sure, they're cheesy, but I like getting something in the mail besides bills and notices from my son's school that have to be signed and returned.

If you want one, let me know. I don't promise it will arrive by Christmas; I'm old school, and don't consider the whole Yuletide thing to be done until 12th night (Jan 6th). You should have the card by Jan 6th. Or 7th. There abouts.

Leave your address below. Comments will be screened.
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I came to work this Christmas Eve, when everyone else seems to have taken the day off. I'm taking all the days between Christmas and New Year's Day off, but Christmas Eve seems like a waste of vacation time when you take into account that we get early dismissal, anyhow.

The 8th floor was completely dark when I got off the elevator at 8:30. I had to find where the light switches are. I made a pot of coffee, and because I hate waste I will have to drink the whole thing and thus should be wide awake should I decide to take in a Christmas Eve church service tonight. Since I have a 40 mile drive home, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a pit stop at the Lady's Room before I leave this afternoon, after drinking all that coffee. Still, I'm up to the task. There aren't a lot of things I can do well, but I make a damn good pot of coffee, to the point that I won't drink from a pot made by anyone else (other people on my floor always put too many of too few grinds in the basket, and can't be trusted).

My Christmas cards were mailed out on Monday, and should arrive in everyone's mailboxes on or around New Year's Day. They may be "late" as far as you all are concerned, but I'm very impressed that they will be postmarked before Christmas, which makes them "on time" in my book.

Peace, love, joy, and all that other jazz… )
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No, I haven't mailed mine yet. I'm one of those people who believes that the last minute is as good as any other time for getting things done. If you would like a Christmas card (or generic holiday greeting card, for some of you, I'm broad like that), you can still reply here ( where all replies are screened and can be seen by me only.

I don't care if you don't comment much or at all. I don't care if mailing to you will require an additional stamp on my part because there are international borders involved. I like sending cards. If you like getting them, then put your name on the list. :)
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Alas, the holidays are upon us. Soon, the world will be aglow with colored lights and tinsel and fake greenery and fake cheer. We might as well face it, because it can't be avoided.

And then there are Christmas cards. They are, I'm afraid, a guilty pleasure. I like getting them. I like sending them. When there are a lot of them in my mailbox, it makes me feel as if people really do like me. Like I matter.

I can't be the only one like this.

If you would like a Christmas card, whether it be because you think they are pretty or because you want to create the illusion that you have a lot of friends, I'm willing to do what it takes to help you. Leave me a comment with your address (and a name that, even if it's not real, the post office will deliver to), and I'll put you on the list. Comments are screened and no one will see them but me. Alternately, you can email me at with your address.

If you have a post where you, too are collecting addresses and I seem to have missed it, let me know and I'll hunt it down. I think Christmas cards are pretty, and they create that I have friends to care enough to send me mail. :)

Overseas? No problem, I'll just put a of couple extra stamps on the envelope. In jail? Not a chance.
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I'm finishing mine up this week. If you would like one, please comment here:
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Who wants one? Because I'm making my card list now. If you gave me your address last year, I still need it again because I am too damn lazy to go looking for my post from a year ago. For all I know, those people have either moved, unfriended me, or both, and I'm not waisting a stamp on them.

I need a name the post office will recognize, an address, and if you live outside of the United States, a country. Also, let me know if you want a copy of my No News is Good News Christmas Newsletter.

Comments will be screened. If you don't trust the screening thing to work, you can email me the info at
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I just want to thank the following people for the holiday greetings I've received in the mail from them:

[ profile] artkouros
[ profile] broken_alice
[ profile] uawildcatgrl
[ profile] laurenmd
[ profile] melian
[ profile] mugglemomjsw
[ profile] georgiaskydiver and
[ profile] ayman

My cards are going out in today's mail. Or maybe tomorrows. Some of you may get them a little late. For those who do, I would like to remind you that the 12 days of Christmas actually start on December 25th, and any card that makes it to your mailbox by January 6th is technically, in my book, "on time." ~_^

Anyone who would like a late Christmas greeting and missed the opportunity to sign up for one can still do so here:
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If you want a Christmas card and you didn't give me your addy yet (or you can't remember if you did), please comment here... (screened)
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Today on my drive into work, I was thinking that I have every intention of sending out Christmas cards this year. I've bought them and everything. It's just a matter of mailing them in a timely manner. I can't promise people that they will actaully get them by Christmas, though that is my goal. I can't even promise that I'll get them out this year. Still, the traditional 12 days of Christmas run until January 6th, and I'm not to proud to say that I consider any card that makes it to your mailbox by 12th Night to be "on time."

Anyway, I'm willing to give it a shot, and hope to start addressing envelopes this week. If anyone would like a card, comment below with your name and mailing address (including country, if you aren't in the US).

Don't worry - comments are screened, because it's just good manners.


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